Marlounsly’s New Single “True Colors” Attracting Masses in Soundcloud

Marlounsly’s New Single “True Colors” Attracting Masses in Soundcloud
Marlounsly, the new R&B music star in soundcloud is creating in buzz with all new creations. Her recent music “True Colors” is gaining wonderful praise amongst fans from all across the globe. This sweet and sharp voice comes out of Palm Beach, United States. Her new rhythm and blues single “True Colors” relies on true rhythm and blues. The soothing music blends are accompanied with rolling back beats. “True Colors” is introduced as the intro of her album, made by Every3k. There is a lock of drum and bass in her song.

Marlounsly’s flagship new single “True Colors” consists of every single feature of rhythm & blues. Whereas soul singers are appreciated in each country, Marlounsly’s music “True Colors” is expecting to urge best place in soundcloud. With Every3k production, the whole presentation of “True Colors” has become smooth and classy. With a lot of plays, it is speculated to stand out few hit music. The flavor of her voice is clearly expressed throughout the music. A bluesy instrumental background is plain-woven with the lyrics of “True Colors”.

This new R&B singer is doing well along with her musical experiments. The style of rhythm and blue comes simply opposite to jazz. Also, Marlounsly is taking this expressive style to a brand new level. A mix of amazing beat and alternative musical instruments is creating it an enormous hit in soundcloud. Well, “True Colors” is the main reason fans and listeners are visiting soundcloud. This new soul music will surely appeal fans from any genre. Fans predict a lot of hit songs from this new R&B singing star. You will be able to catch her in twitter. Click on the follow button to know more about musical journey of this rockstar. Keep tuned in SoundCloud to get all forthcoming tracks of Marlounsly.

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