Women Will Save the World – Must to Hear Mixtape on SoundCloud

Women Will Save the World – Must to Hear Mixtape on SoundCloud
Long after SoundCloud has revealed a marvelous female oriented refreshing number that worth a must-to-hear track tag. The budding female artist Devi Margesa is the one who gifted us such a beautiful song. In addition to this, her great voice turns her latest number “Women will save the world” a raving hit by now. “Women will save the world’ by Devi Margesa is a dance mix tape, stuffed with an impressive message. This track is a compilation of amazing women in music history and the message that goes – every woman must let their ego out of their way and embrace their fellow sisters as all have something to share, and receive from each other.

Devi Marqesa’s this latest number, is incorporated with a number of short tracks. This awesome track, has already gathered huge response across the world. If you are a mixtape lover, then you must love this track, throughout the track, one can find some soothing beats punching with great lyrics. As mentioned earlier, Devi Marqesa’s awesome voice is the added spice to this track. This track has already collected great follower count, like count, play count and repost count as well. This shows how much love Devi Marqesa’s fresh and latest number “Women will save the world” has collected from the music enthusiasts round the world.

So if you are a music lover or a mix tape lover, then all you need to hear this great dance mix tap number by Devi Marqesa. No wander this track will win your hear and let you hear the same track over again. As mentioned earlier, this track is stuffed with a number short tracks, reason to which this track stands unique than the rest. This is the reason it is a raving hit just within few days and everyone will love this track.

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