"Run It Up" is a cool hip hop track by Rizn Savage in Soundcloud

Over the past years, hip hop has evolved into a really vast genre of music. There are many varieties of hip hop that brings true entertainment to the fans. In Soundcloud, there is a hip hop and rap artist who is creating immense noise with his music skills. Rizn Savage’s new song – Run It Up is a progressive hip hop with catchy lyrics, appealing melody and thumping beats that is liked by all hip hop fans. The 22-year audio engineer, gospel recording artist and songwriter from Atlanta, USA have created an outstanding rap.

Rizn Savage is becoming popular with his powerful hip hop, lyrical presence and wonderfully thumping music. The young creator is climbing the ladder of his career at jet speed and making music of substance. His talent and skills combined makes for sleek and funky beats of hip hop and rap.

The hip hop creator Rizn Savage is dynamic in the art of making dope hip hop tracks. It can be understood that this artist is set to to rule the soundcloud music arena with his new track “Run It Up”. The cool song holds a significant rap style, thumping bass line and catchy lyrics. The persona of the creator has the talent to connect along with his listeners via his cool music. Rizn Savage is set to make his music popular and liked by everybody across the globe. The 22-year old music maker from USA is gradually becoming sensational with his unflawed rapping vogue.

The song “Run It Up Prod. Cam Got Hits” would compel the listeners to bob their head to the beats. The song perfectly captures Rizn Savage’s hip hop style and has true lyrical rap content. The vocal is spellbinding and funky to pay attention. If you wish to witness the song, head over the Rizn Savage’s profile on soundcloud. Hear the fancy sounds of hip hop by the young artsist. 

For more song visit our link :  https://soundcloud.com/riznsavagemusic/run-it-up-prod-cam-got-hits

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