Wonderful Creation of Kendra Erika Creates Buzz in Soundcloud

Wonderful Creation of Kendra Erika Creates Buzz in Soundcloud
 PRLog -- Kendra Erika's music Oasis is created in EDM genre. The singer is preparing to release a lot of new songs. Kendra Erika, a native singer of South Florida, is a talented girl. She is both a great singer and an amazing author. In each single, she tells about a dynamic experience that she has gone through. Well, Oasis is currently launched in soundcloud and gathering worldwide audiences.

The track consists of electronic influence, energetic lyrics and even a lot of powerful delivery. It prepares a dance based environment for the listeners. In Oasis, the singer has come out with a giant bang. Audiences keep tripping their body with wonderful creation of Kendra Erika. Fans from all across the world expect a lot of to hear from this rising EDM star.

Kendra Erika's moody pop combined with jazz music form make her pop princess. Her recent music Oasis is a mix of EDM and dance music. Her tracks are gaining good appreciation from everywhere the globe. Vocal flexibility, sick drops and blend from some pop parts build the track wonderful. Oasis reflects a real mix of cinematic glamour. Kendra Erika wished to reveal a compelling image through her track Oasis.

The voice is engaging and soothing to ear. Music leaves you with and energy. The whole track is heart-touching. However, Kendra Erika represents a bond-girl image in twenty first century. The new music Oasis is of course a powerful production. Kendra Erika is catering wide range of crowd in soundcloud and she expects the quantity to grow further. This new talent craves for a lot of exposure in music industry. She is preparing for the most effective place. Her talent may stand out many other musicians as well. Music enthusiasts may connect Kendra Erika in twitter, instagram or facebook. Follow her in soundcloud to get lot of her latest releases!

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