Trip Your Body and Rock the Dance Floor with New Single of Tyrik Amadi

Trip Your Body and Rock the Dance Floor with New Single of Tyrik Amadi, 1/09/2017 - Rap music creator, Tyrik Amadi has released his recent rap single Gotta Go. The music is loaded with heavy bass line and rattling lyrics. Fans are amazed by its catchy hook. This new voice from Austin, Texas, includes heavy metals. He has gathered good recognition from worldwide audience. Tyrik Amadi wants to get the biggest position in music industry. He represents a pleasant voice in rap genre.

Tyrik Amadi blends the hip hop culture together with his rap. The music consists of the collaboration of drum beats and alternative electrical instruments. His singing is a concept to alternative musicians. The new music Gotta Go showcases his word playing ability and songwriting. Well, Tyrik Amadi’s music is something the new generation seeks for. This rap star needs to create it huge with all new fans and audience engagements. Hip hop single Gotta Go can blow your mind with its unique musical sense.

Well, fans get prepared for the superb news! Apart from Gotta Go Tyrik Amadi is going to release more new songs based on hip hop genre in soundcloud. DJs to music producer – everyone seems to be captive together with his new creation. The snap beats, wonderful bass lines and implementation of drum beats are the main components of this new music. Also, Tyrik Amadi is aware of the way he rhymes.

However, the music Gotta Go is attracting new fans and friends. Long and short sounds are beautifully combined by Tyrik Amadi. It reflects a well-balanced rhythmic effect. This track has introduced a real sense of rap. The tempo of hip hop music is rattling and you may like to groove your body with the tracks likewise. The rhyme and poetry will definitely topple few alternative hit tracks. Fans and music enthusiasts can follow him in soundcloud to get all the updates!

You can listen this cool track by visiting the given link: