“Time Spent” by Rival Engages Fans Worldwide in Soundcloud

“Time Spent” by Rival Engages Fans Worldwide in Soundcloud
freePRnow.com, 1/09/2017 - The hip hop and EDM blend is new but it is available simply on soundcloud. “Time Spent” from the album Rival is a good track that is cool and fully laid back. When the hustle of daily life gets on your nerve, hear “Time Spent”. The song begins with soothing music and graduallyRyan Larsen’s voice kicks in. After years in underground, Rival album comes up with his tracks. His tracks have an incredible mix of EDM and hip hop with great rapping.

The Rival’s – “Time Spent” presents nice music for fans. The beats are cool and psychedelic with serious lyrics. The track primarily focuses on music and offers a positive atmosphere. The versatile music of “Time Spent” by Ryan Larsen’s Rival is an album everybody should hear.

There are many forms of music out there in soundcloud and amongst that Ryan Larsen’s album Rival is making it massive. The “Time Spent” from Rival invoked the mind of the listeners. His music is a blend of EDM and hip hop that makes a novel sound that no-one has ever tried. There are massive synthesizers, flawless lyrics and powerful drum beats within the song – “Time Spent”. His music is difficult to match and justifies the lyrics of his track with Hip Hop and EDM. It is attention-grabbing to focus and offers soaring beats.

The track – “Time Spent” has powerful tunes and instruments. The song has a tremendous feel offered for all listeners. While being attentive to the track, listeners may feel relaxed. His lyrics doesn’t have any foul words and the artist provides positivity to his music. If you would like to relish a cheerful track, hear the EDM and rap mix, “Time Spent”. To concentrate to the unbelievable EDM and rapblend, and all the other mixes by the hip hop artist, head over to soundcloud. Also, fans can connect with the rapper on various social networking platforms.

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