“Ted Bundy” By Phillips is the Gangsta Rap everyone must listen

“Ted Bundy” By Phillips is the Gangsta Rap everyone must listen

A bit stereotypical but with a deeper meaning, this versatile rapper is all what you dream for. Phillips Kobi is the upcoming hip hop and rap-star the world is looking for forward. The brand new track “Ted Bundy” holds a quick rap with an awesome mix of hip hop. This amazing hip hopper keeps his fans sticked to his rap. When you listen carefully to “Ted Bundy”, you would be able to hear amazing lyrics that make a lot of sense.

Phillip Kobi, passion and urgency peeps through this latest number that will tend you to listen the same over and over again. “Ted Bundy” has swept up in to the music arena and is on the road to becoming super track. This rap track has some amazing beats fo drum and gruiter blended together to create the ultimate cool music. His rap lyrics is scattered through the song and is really amazing to learn from.

By now, this aspiring artist on SoundCloud has gathered good amount of follower counts and accolades across the globe. His track “Ted Bundy” is liked by individuals across the planet and all the hip hop admirers and fans seem to like the music of the artist. If you are a true blue hip hop and rap lover, then checking out Phillips Kobi’s SoundCloud profile proves to be fruitful.

In addition to “Ted Bundy”, his other tracks are gaining huge momentum as well. Phillips Kobi’s Ted Bundy, featuring Angelo, Cleve and ggKizzy is a great track with an awesome blend of hip hop and rap track that will surely boost one’s energy as it flows. If you are a hip hop or a rap lover, and desire to feel some good doze of hip hop and rap, then head over to Phillips Kobi’s SoundCloud profile and search for the same. 

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