Rock the Dance Floor with Rain’s New Hip Hop Song – FWU

Rock the Dance Floor with Rain’s New Hip Hop Song – FWU
Are you a hip hop music lover? Then, Rain should be a good selection for your listing. This new artist is simply amazing in making hip hop and rap tracks. His new rap single “FWU” is making big in soundcloud. The lyrics can blow your mind. Fans are proud of Rain for this new creation. The rap and drum beats are neatly combined together and comforting the ear as well. Rain has redefined the rap genre. His rapping sense is best that amongst the music industry. Combining his talent, skills and knowledge, it seems that Rain is going to overthrow several musicians in soundcloud. The lyrics of “FWU” are attention grabbing. Rain considers himself to be attractive and raw at the same time.

The snap beats are lined over with energetic lyrics. Vibrant and sleek rhythm represents a real rap sense in “FWU”. Rain has contributed in alternative musical styles like rap, trap, hip hop, and low etc. He is taking his dream to a successive level. Fans and followers expect to get more from this hip hop creator. Interesting lyrics are only keys to best rap. Rain has given his best to use it in his new single “FWU”. He has portrayed energetic and lyrical artistry throughout his song. His vocal performance should have rolling back in repeat.

Rain wants to get the best place in music industry by doing all his musical experiments. Therefore, he has centered on his superior skills. There is a presence of steady and robust beats in “FWU”.

Lyrics are mostly accompanied with pop, snap beats and hyphy. Exact rapping sense and flawless lyrics have created the best hip hop. This proficient rapper is preparing ready to form more successive hit tracks for his fans. Keep connected with him in soundcloud or fans can follow him in twitter for more tracks.

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