Nu Wav Dres – What Im On Is A New Variation Of Rap

Nu Wav Dres – What Im On Is A New Variation Of Rap, 1/03/2017 - Hip hop presents a tremendously cool scene to the music lovers. There are many forms of hip hop that are associated with many styles. Gangsta rap is one of the variations that have totally different forms of audiences. The music of this type of rap is hard with countless bass and beats. Gangsta rap are tried by several, but not all of them are as effective as Nu Wav Dre. His new track – “What Im On” is a tremendous blend of hip hop and rap. The track starts with some cool rap in a stimulating vogue and presents the worldview to the listeners.

If you are facing issues to tackle the life, then listening to the track – “What Im On” would provide solace. The rap highlights dream like reality and makes the listeners feel great. Anyone taking note of “What Im On” would perceive the message the song is trying to convey.

If you prefer your music in a very credible and powerful means, then “What Im On” is the combination for you. This rap track by Nu Wav Dre is the song of the season. The catchy lyrics of the song make it appealing to the gangsta rap fans. The listeners of rap are already appreciating the song! The lyrics are attractive and have a great feel to it. However, the mystery of gangsta rap is maintained by the rapper, Nu Wav Dre. The lyrics clearly communicate with the fans and offers expressions of action.

Gangsta rap is a thoughtfully organized mix that illuminates many problems. However, Nu Wav Dre’s track, “What Im On” is the excellent mix of instruments and lyrics. There are already several followers of this song, and people are literally appreciating the rap. In order to listen to the amazing hip hop track – head to soundcloud. Listeners can also listen to the other tracks by Nu Wav Dre.