Move Your Body with Delo Reed's Put You on in Soundcloud

Move Your Body with Delo Reed's Put You on in Soundcloud
BRONX, N.Y. - Jan. 9, 2017 - PRLog -- Hip hop music has reflected several changes for the past few years. Well, currently Delo Reed has given a new direction to rap and hip hop music. His way of rapping is far different from other musicians in soundcloud. The four main pillars like – Djing, Graffiti, Rapping and B-boying area unitedtogether by Delo Reed. Regardless to mention, this new singing star is absolutely efficient in rap genre. He rhymes timely and has a good sense of music. The new track "Put You On" is absolutely nice and morover the beat is given by best artists B. Young Beats. With the wonderfulmusic production of Nick D'Alessandro, Delo Reed is gaining immense positive response from the group of musicians in soundcloud.

He encompasses a true sense of hip hop music. Also, the creative person is preparing to redefine the hip hop genre. The creative person is proficient, sleek in making rap and ready to experiment with all new genres. He has started gathering many fans in soundcloud.

Though you will be introduced withmany hip hop singers in soundcloud, Delo Reed must be the most efficient rap star of them. His new flagship single "Put You On (Beat by B. Young Beats)" represents many bridges, breakdowns,variations andbuild-ups. The music is completely fused in trendy hip hop. Music enthusiasts whogo crazy with rap tracks, Delo Reed has brought an awesome news for them. His rapping style and form, nice composition, smart lyrical and instrumental mix - all these are superb. Fans anticipate that the singer goes to topple many other singers in soundcloud.

Moreover, he wants to launch more of his new creations in rap genre. His voice is versatile and he has true sense of rhythm. Youngsters aregoing to love to keep tuned with this rising rap star. Log into soundcloud, today!

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