Montie’s “Heck of It” is the New Sensational Hip-hop Beat

Montie’s “Heck of It” is the New Sensational Hip-hop Beat
If hip hop is something that excites you, then “Heck of It” is the track to keep at the top of the list. The track “Heck of It“, sung by the versatile singer Montie is an absolutely perfect track that has already gathered much fame and name round the world. There is hardly anyone who can guess the magical blends that hides in this song, until one hears the whole track.

It is needless to say that Montie’s songs loads on a great vibe that generates energy within. Montie’s “Heck of It” has a tango flavor within. The song flows through varied tango beats that has already won the heart of many. By now,”Heck it Of” has mount up loads of fan count in his SoundCloud profile. While listening carefully you can experience the amazing music beats weaved by Montie. The awesome flexible voice of this brilliant singer is the added spice.

The foremost thing that gets noticed in this hip hop number is the heavy bass. The song throughout has a heavy bass line over syncopated drums. The electronic beats and instrumentals are very clearly driven through the track.

Montie is the resident of Dallas, United States. The singer has a great passion of music, the glimpses of which is clearly shown in the song “Heck of It”. Lyrics in Montie’s “Heck of It” have been used depending on the subgenre of the hip hop that will soothe your ear. In short the song is sprinkled with superb features throughout, which let the song to follow in a unique path. This cool number is the need for now to all. To know more about Montie search for this great track on SoundCloud and experience the great of vibe. You can also send him friend request and start chatting with the great vocalist!

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