Kendra Erika’s – “Oasis” is a Mix of Sensual Lyrics and EDM Music

Kendra Erika’s – “Oasis” is a Mix of Sensual Lyrics and EDM Music
Kendra Erika is a die-hard Bond girl’s fan which might be understood from her music and songs. She incorporates a special place in her heart for the Bond ladies and her lifestyle is somewhat same like them. The South Florida girl is a creative musician and a lover of classic fashion and funky music. Her new track “Oasis” is bound to hit listeners in all the correct spots and gradually turn huge. The music combines with out-of-the-world lyrics and makes for an incredible track. Her fascination for the bond ladies are often understood through her music.

The track by Kendra Erika – “Oasis” is packed with amazing beats. The lyrics are forward and simple to experience. “Oasis” is regarding elegant music with a mixture of pop. If you're an EDM fan, you got to pay attention to the cool musical track.

The singer and author, Kendra Erika grew up in Boca Raton captivated with the Bond ladies, pop music and films. Her obsession with classic music American lifestyle and glamour of 70’s and 80’s has formed up her life. The songs by Kendra Erika are magical mix of cinematic glamour that merges amongst vintage chords of pop. The track – “Oasis” may be a true mixture of trendy beats and bold lyrics. Erika brings EDM within the scene to spice things up in the songs. The sounds of the track will catapult anyone back in the future.

Since the launch of her debut album, Kendra Erika is making it big one step at a time. Her sultry voice with EDM music blends superbly, making the track beautiful to the ears. She has worked with notable producers and writers – Dave Eggar (Coldplay), Jimmy Greco (Celine Dion) and Lynn Verlayne (Parson James). To listen to “Oasis” and other songs from Kendra Erika, go to soundcloud. Her fans can connect with her on other social media platforms.

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