Jaz $Tylez – "Miscount" Is On the Edge of Being Viral In Soundcloud

Jaz $Tylez –
QUEENS, N.Y. - Dec. 29, 2016 - PRLog -- Hip hop and Jazz are two completely different variations of music, however when incorporated together, produces some fantastic beats. The dominant genre is altering with each beat and style in new music styles every day. Hip hop and jazz genres are incorporated along to bring a replacement fusion to each of the genres. However, none are nearly as good as Jaz $tylez – "Miscount". This hip hop creator has made things fascinating and lovely with this track. It is a delicate mix of rap and jazz.

The raw and rugged type of hip hop embodies an intoxicating mixture of funk and rap. It has oriented from musical style of the past. The lovers of each of the genres like this fusion and a few are even following this type to create music seriously. One such creator is Jaz $tylez from Queens Bridge, NY is heating things up with his unimaginable music. His new second single – "Miscount" is mixed with bass and cool instruments. This solo track emerged as one of the most effective tracks ever created by Jaz $tylez and he is becoming a sensation in soundcloud.

"Miscount" can be a raw and strange masterpiece that is offering twisted music and funky rap. The rapping type of Jaz $tylez is already been appreciated and so is the new song. So, if you wish to relish some experimental music then "Miscount" is your album.

Jaz $tylez can be termed as the master of blending two greatest genres of music varieties. This is his second single that is out after a wait. All his fans are rapturous with the new single, "Miscount". It is a fun combination that can be heard on Soundcloud. So, all the hip hop fans and new listeners should head over to Jaz $tylez profile and listen to the out-of-the-world cool music. Also, enjoy all his alternative tracks from his album. Connect with him on other social media platforms to know more about the cool rapper.

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