Influential Genre Blends Turned Raybands’ Tracks a Raving Hit

Influential Genre Blends Turned Raybands’ Tracks a Raving Hit, 12/21/2016 - In a couple of years, Raybands has turned to a big name on SoundCloud. He is an infamous talent on SoundCloud with mesmerizing genre blends, soulful and animated tracks. The Moneyton, United States rapper, Ray Bands maneuvers listeners through these classy notes and elements with crazed pacing and careful precision. Apart from this, these tracks are overshadowed with finest lyrics that has the influential power to capture listener’s heart till the track ends.

Each track by Ray bands, functions in this same vein, recounting another relationship wrecked by his fame. The tracks reveal snapshots of vivid imagery that will let the music enthusiast to think of the same. Ray Bband’s numbers are well balanced between industrial techno-futurism and radically-tinged softness. This Moneyton guy’s vocal range is on full display in each of the tracks. By the end of the track, Ray Bands’ beats fade on an amazing note, leaving a soft singing over ambient swirls. All these awe-inspiring features of each tracks has already grabbed listeners who have great love with hip hop and rap genres. And here were Ray Bands stands unique among all.

Among all the amazing numbers composed by Ray Bands, few of the tracks require special mention; they are - S.Q.U.A.D, Hunnitbandz, Never Change, Pedico and Flexin. While listening to these refreshing cool tracks, you would be able to predict what beats could follow the same. With the flow of these tracks one can find the lyrics that are quite strong, couples with powerful and influential message. So what are you waiting for! Listen to all the tracks by Ray Bands that are setting fire on SoundCloud. Just log in to your SoundCloud profile and search for Ray Bands on the same. Experience this refreshing wave. It’s sure, that this versatile voice will never let your expectation go down and each of the tracks will tend you to listen over again.

Those hip hop lovers who didn't check out fabulous songs of Ray Bands then must visit his soundcloud profile and keep enjoy: