Experience New Soul Music Single of Jhonni Jamez – “The Slow Down”

Experience New Soul Music Single of Jhonni Jamez – “The Slow Down”
freePRnow.com12/14/2016 - The young and aspiring musician, Jhonni Jamez has released an excellent new single in soundcloud. This rhythmic and sharp voice comes out of Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Jamez wants to emerge his career as a music producer, and therefore, he is aware of a way to manufacture best hit songs. He will become a triple threat to any or all the lyricists, singers and writers. Jhonni Jamez has contributed in several genres of music. His recent R&B, “The Slow Down” is gaining maximum quantity of plays count. Soundcloud fans want him to try and do the most effective in R&B genre.

R& B artist, Jhonni Jamez is preparing for more new R&B blends to gift you together. “The Slow Down” is obtaining high praise. “The Slow Down” has introduced the sense of true rhythm and blues. This soul music of Jhonni Jamez is passionately expressive. Audiences of soundcloud are waiting for additional hit songs from Jhonni Jamez. The implication of cool beats will soothe your mind. They are accompanied with a bluesy instrumental background. Clear lyrics are tightly fastened with drums and bass. This new creative person desires to take the music to a new level.

The voice out of Kansas City, Missouri, United States is making ready to entertain you with more hit songs in different genres. Jhonni Jamez rhymes timely and lyrics are amazingly flawless. “The Slow Down” is representing an exact sense of rhythm and blues. The thudding beats are lined over with advanced musical instruments. Fans and followers have got a new flavor and blend of soul music from this new singer in soundcloud. Not taking note of his recent music “The Slow Down” should be an excellent mistake for the soul music lovers. Hurry up to listen to Jhonni Jamez. Follow, like and share his songs in soundcloud, today.

For more song visit our link : https://soundcloud.com/jhonnijamez/the-low-down 

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