Dain Is Gaining Popularity With His New Single “Playin Games”

Dain Is Gaining Popularity With His New Single “Playin Games”
BriefingWire.com, 12/16/2016 - Hip hop has evolved into an enormous genre of music. Hip hop now is trendy and the mixture of completely different blends and instruments. There are innumerable new artists that are making it big with their music in the hip hop genre. Like all hip hop artists making an attempt to try their luck in this genre, Dain is making an attempt to make it huge in soundcloud. The rising rapper has a new song in soundcloud – “Playin Games”. It has completely different mixes and blends that set apart Dain’s voice from others songs.

“Playin Games” by Dain has a tremendous lyrical presence and it is already being liked by fans. The young creator has taken his music to a distinct level with his hip hop. Dain’s music would simply connect with each young artist.

In the modern era, the hip hop genre of music has bounced back with spanking new techniques and styles of songs. Many of the hip hop stars have evolved and new artists are trying their luck with this type of music. In soundcloud, the competition is fierce; however there are artists that are still making it huge with their hip hop. One of the most current hip hop artists who are creating his music big is Dain. His music has the potential to make the listeners bob their head to his tunes. The rapping is perfect and the lyrics are wild.

The artist, Dain, has the swag and a different passion for Hip Hop music. He offers new techniques to his music trends and style of singing. The lyrics of his music are recent and inventive. The new song – “Playin Games” is receiving accolades from listeners and gathering new fans. So, if you would like to listen to some mind-blowing hip hop and rap, it is best to switch to soundcloud. Fans everywhere also can connect with him on other social networking platforms.

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