Daft Odist’s Latest Number I’m Still Growing Is Buzzing Now

Daft Odist’s Latest Number I’m Still Growing Is Buzzing Now
SoundCloud is an enormous platform where fresh talents creep up with every passing day. Recently, SoundCloud has discovered a brand new vocalist named Daft Odist. This brand new artist owes an amazing voice results to which just within a few days Daft Odist’s refreshing track I’m still growing has gathered excellent number of followers, likes, and comments. From this one can imagine how much love this guy has collected across the world. Music enthusiast can also predict his bright future as well.

Today hip hop is getting a great trend especially among youths. One can find the mix of hip hop and rap playing in the clubs or pubs and youth are tripping their body along with every beat of it. In this hip hop trend, singers are also not lagging back. In one or the other day, one can find fresh talents to come up with amazing numbers based on hip hop or rap. SoundCloud’s latest discovery Daft Odist with a great hip hop mix named I’m still growing is ruling on SoundCloud at a great way. And just within few days, it has already gathered a large number of followers, likes and comments. This proves how much talent this amazing guy owes.

I’m still growing is an awe-inspiring track by Daft Odist from his album C4.Collective. As mentioned above, this track is based on hip hop genre results to which the carries loud beats and rhythms. Produced by Sage Laszlo, I’m still Growing is stuffed with great beats that will soothe your ears. This is the reason Daft Odist’s amazing track I’m still Growing, has collected huge love across the world. So if you find interest to discover some fresh tracks, then all switch to your registered SoundCloud and head for Daft Odist’s I’m still growing from the album C4.Collective.

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