“CheekoStick” is one of the Blended Albums of Genres in SoundCloud

“CheekoStick” is one of the Blended Albums of Genres in SoundCloud

The resident of Kansas town, Matthew Cheek is making everybody bowled with his new album – “CheekoStick”. This guy has several types of music in his albums with style of genres that are melodic. If you wish to sway in popular music genre of reggae music, then Matthew Cheek is your man! Till today, he has some of the best music that may be regarded as nothing short of masterpieces of assorted genres. His powerful vocal offers a brand new edge to all his tracks. “CheekoStick” is one of the best Dance and EDM genres popular music album.

Matthew Cheek can groove his fans with the club house dance mixes. His lyrics can easily heat up the floors and ensure folks to sway their bodies. His career is elevating within the graph chart and his music is making loud noises everywhere with tracks like – Awful Waffle, Hater Blockers, Religious Rituals, Flip It, Bird Person, All Gold Everything, Lemonade Stand etc.

Matthew Cheek is making his fans groove together with his beats of popular music genre in his album “CheekoStick”. The funky beats drive all the fans into a brand new direction together with his amazing beats that are just the right blend of music and instruments. The tracks are having sounds with energetic drum beats. The primary impression of all the songs is a huge optimistic sigh! The debut album consists of some eleven tracks that have different genres that led him to record his blended tape – “CheekoStick”. He's music can easily make it huge in soundcloud.

The artists and composer, Matthew Cheek is dashing up his career chart with a number of wonderful mixes. All his fans can simply hear his tracks in Soundcloud and sway to his music beats. All the interested listeners and his fans must log on to soundcloud and listen to his album.

For more EDM tracks of CheekoStick visit the link: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-cheek-2

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