Brooklyn Native Invader zim Is All Set to Rule SoundCloud

Brooklyn Native Invader zim Is All Set to Rule SoundCloud, 12/30/2016 - Hip hop is highly hyped genre now. And if you are a hip hop enthusiast, then you must listen to “Gang”. This track is absolutely justified one and has already gathered fame overseas. right from its start nobody can ever guess about this track but the sudden rising of tempo has made it as a classic number. Invader zim’s tracks have a vibe that is positive and happy. “Gang” in that case, nothing unique in this. This track is just boosted energetic lyrics and of course a soothing voice.

“Gang”, Invader zim’s recent upload on SoundCloud, has already gathered a huge fan count in his SoundCloud profile. This track has a tango feel to it. If you are a rap and hip hop lover, you will definitely love Invader’s track, “Gang”. Hip hop is often regarded as something heartless and dark, however, as Invader’s track “Gang“, flows you can find that it will absolutely change that thinking.

Throughout the track “Gang” one can find that the rapper doesn’t hide his traits and it flows throughout the song. With an amazing and continuous rap beat flowing, it draws inspiration across the world. This track has the influential character to boost energy and let you to trip your body, with its flowing rhythmic beats. The vocalist, Invader has an amazing voice that has rap and dizzy feeling. This is the reason rap and hip hop lovers believes this guy as the new rap sensation on SoundCloud.

“Gang” by Invader zim has combined some of the best music to make it great. If want to know more about this Brooklyn native guy, all you need to switch to your SoundCloud profile and search for Invader zim. Along with Invader’s “Gang”, you can also head for many other upcoming and old tracks as well.