Angelo Caponi Is All Set With His New Track "We Were Bored"

Angelo Caponi Is All Set With His New Track
We were bored is a buzzing album by Angelo Caponi. This fresh album has already set fire on the SoundCloud. The people, who have great affection of hearing hip hop and rap blend, will love this refreshing track.

Angelo Caponi is blessed with an awesome voice, the glimpses of which can be experience by hip hop lovers in this latest number, "We were bored". This track has already mounted up loads of listeners on SoundCloud. Hearing the other tracks by Angelo Caponi, it is needless to say, that his song we were bored, will go high up. This track is loaded with great vibe that generates energy within. The song through varied tango beats has already won the heart of many and if you are a rap lover, then you will also love the same.

"We were bored" has already collected huge number of likes, comments and reposts which represents how much people across the world loved the track. As the track flows, listeners will get familiar with amazing musical beats weaved by Angelo.

Angelo's fluent hip hop and rapping style uses rock metal and brings hyphy and pop elements in a great way. This versatile guy has a great passion with music which reflects as one hears the same. "We were bored" is featured by Cleve. The track speaks a unique story that weaves with awesome drum beats and electronic instrumental. So if you were searching for a track that owes intense beats and good message, the "We were bored" is a must to hear.

The track has the magic to soothe one's ears. Additionally, the track consists of beats that blends with raw beats as well. So switch your SoundCloud profile today and search for Angelo Caponi's latest number "We were bored". I can assure you that you will love the track.

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