Afro1k’s New Track “Im On Freestyle” is a Must Listen!

Afro1k’s New Track “Im On Freestyle” is a Must Listen!

Freestyle is a prominent part of hip hop culture. Today freestyle rap is common among music enthusiasts for its entertaining nature. While listing to a freestyle rap track one can find a range of variations of rapping. This is the reason why rap lovers, loves to hear a freestyle rap. Freestyle is also common in contests as well. Many rappers love to participate in a freestyle battle in which two or more rappers compete each other using improvised lyrics.

So, if you are a rap and hip hop lover, and looking for a change of flavor, then it is suggested to go for freestyle rapping. On SoundCloud, one of the leading music streaming sites that offer a range of music genres to the person who love music can taste the flavor of freestyle rap. Lately, on this SoundCloud surpassing others composers, Afro have come up with a bunch of refreshing tracks. These energetic numbers will boost your energy level up and let you to hear the flow again and again.

Among the bunch, Afro’s latest freestyle rap named “I m on Freestyle” will leave your mouth open. The amazing instrumental blending, meter and rhythm incorporated with unique metallic will soothe your ears and tend you to hear the same over again. This freestyle rap will facilitate free expression of thoughts and words without the usual neural constraints. Throughout the track, the utilization of drum beats and other varied electronic instruments keep you energetic for hours long. The awesome flexible voice of this brilliant singer Afro, is the added spice to this track, “I m on Freestyle”. Continuous punch lines, quality messages, mixes, lyrics, drum beats; metallic turns the track today to rule on SoundCloud. By now “I m on Freestyle”, has gathered has gather huge love and support. So experience this refreshing vibe today on SoundCloud.

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