New Singing Star J- Nicks Is Gaining Worldwide Attention With All Hit Songs!

New Singing Star J- Nicks Is Gaining Worldwide Attention With All Hit Songs!, 1/02/2017 - While everyone is looking for some unique and best tracks in this New Year, J- Nicks represents his fans with all hit songs in soundcloud. The talent is amazing and the songs are well-composed. J- Nicks, a residence of Queens, US has released his latest hip hop tracks in soundcloud. This rising star is considered as one of the reasons of catering crowd in soundcloud. J- Nicks is not merely a singer, but, he is a producer as well. Rap star J- Nicks is introduced as a triple threat to the recent musicians. He is an exquisite rapper, nice author and wonderful song producer.

The rising star J- Nicks is ready to entertain you along with his new and wonderful tracks. All the tracks of J- Nicks have excellent variations of hip hop, rap and pop. Also, he excites his fans with dancehall, electronica and other popular music genre. He delivers a top quality composition and always masters in each track.

From EDM to rhythm and blues - J- Nicks has excelled in each space of music. The flexible voice of this musician attracts fans from all across the globe. He is a talented producer and incorporates a smart artistic sense in addition. J- Nicks is already colleting good amount of friends and plays count in soundcloud. Songs like “deal with us”, “bay be”, “face life”, and “soul mind” and many more are creating buzz in soundcloud.

Additionally, the company, A Track Addiction is creating music that pleases every music lover. The tracks have an excellent mix of lyrics and musical instruments. Some tracks are already gaining high praise in soundcloud. The rhythm and tune of music simply grabs your attention and soothes you soul. To stay connected with J- Nicks, follow him in facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram. Add him to your soundcloud playlist to get additional updates!

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