New Pop Sensation “I Want It All” Is Out Now By 3Dimensional

New Pop Sensation “I Want It All” Is Out Now By 3Dimensional, 12/29/2016 - Hip hop duo Logen and Coleton, familiar as 3Dimensional, have established themselves as the most creative rockstar in soundcloud. Each of them has excelled in the art of being dope, sick and fly. Their songs are uniquely composed. These two brothers out of Tampa Florida have turned up with a different kind of music form. Their new flagship single “I Want It All” includes the elements of R& B, rap, pop, and hip hop. 3Dimensional can be said to be a triple threat to other musicians in soundcloud. Logen and Coleton are composer, singer, and dancer at the same time. New track “I Want It All” is already catering huge plays count in soundcloud. The hip hop artists from 3Dimensional are really making Buzz in Soundcloud.

Combining their talent, skill and experience - 3Dimensional is prepared to shake the whole world. if you are looking for some soothing track, then the new pop “I wish It All” is the best option for you. It will blow your mind and lets you to feel relaxed as well. Are you interested in hearing more from 3Dimensional? Then, visit their soundcloud profile, today.

These 2 rockstars are attractive and have flexible voice. They believe in making vivacious and swish mix of dope lyrics. New pop track “I Want It All” is absolutely soothing to ear. The tracks from 3Dimensional are in accompanied with wired beats, harmonious and flowing vocalization. Moreover, they embody all new dynamic sound to music.

3Dimensional has started their journey with a great energy. These two rockstars have united all genres in a single track. That’s why they are completely different from other musicians. Jazz to pop, R& B to rap – everything is nicely fused in their music. 3Dimensional is expecting vast crowd in their music. Fans and followers can connect them in twitter, instagram, youtube and facebook.